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Windfall Dancers seeks to ignite a passion for dance in the community by providing quality instruction, engaging performances and innovative community outreach in a nurturing environment for creative expression.

Windfall Dancers is a 501.c.3 non profit dance company. The company is run as a collective of like-minded movement artists, motivated to spread their love of dance. The Windfall School of Dance offers the community an affordable dance education institution, through classes. Windfall Dancers strives to be a destination for dance by opening their facility to renters.

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The Windfall School of Dance is dedicated to our mission, and is proud to have classes for both children and adults to ignite the passion for dance in students of all ages, all-year round!


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Our History

In 1978, Windfall Dancers was founded as a modern dance collective under the direction of Debra Knapp. She and three others, Liz Monnier, Cindy Clark (Brain), and Jackie Shilling (Pullano), presented their first concert in 1977. Windfall Dancers became incorporated as a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization the following year. The company was founded on the principles of creative exploration in movement, and worked to cultivate a thriving dance community in Bloomington.

As part of this goal, the Windfall School of Dance was also formed in 1978. Throughout its history, classes have been taught in all types of dance and styles of movement, and further opportunity in dance was formed through youth programs (Windfall Junior dancers).

Windfall Dancers name is especially meaningful. The word ‘windfall’ means “something blown down by the wind, as fruit from a tree”. This encompasses what Windfall hopes to be: a place where people can land, share and develop their creativity and expression with the community to enrich it further.

Windfall Today

Windfall Dancers’ programming continues to be diverse, not only serving a wide distribution of ages, but also attracting audiences of varying artistic sensibilities. Currently, the Windfall Dance Company and School of Dance students perform throughout the year in a variety of venues.

Windfall’s goal is to continue to be an integral part of Bloomington’s artistic community. We strive to continue the principles of our founders, focusing on artistic development and creativity. We are committed to providing an environment for creative expression, and to advocate and support the exploration and knowledge of dance through our educational and outreach programs.

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