“My daughter’s performance in the Student Showcase made me weep, Windfall did such wonderful work with her.”

-Spencer, parent of 11-year-old, 2018


“Windfall has always been a second home to me and I don’t know what I would do without it.  It is a place where you always feel free and comfortable.  It means the world to me!”

Eva Marsh, Windfall Juniors (Youth Company) Member


“What I love most about Windfall is the sense of community, acceptance and encouragement given for each dancer to develop their art at whatever level they choose.

I think the focus on joy rather than conformity & perfection has wide ranging positive impact.  Regardless of body type, experience, effort, age, gender or focus Windfall has a place for everyone. It is wonderful for uniqueness to be appreciated and given a context in which to be expressed.

It is fun to see families sharing dance together; taking the same class or type of dance together or participating in dramatically different forms & levels of experience. And non dancing family members show their support by volunteering in a variety of ways. I’m thrilled that my daughter has an identity as a dancer and a sense of belonging, especially as she enters into early adolescence. I definitely see Windfall as more than a place to dance – it is a community that reinforces values essential to becoming healthy, happy people.”

Heather Maritano, Windfall student and parent of Windfall Juniors (Youth Company) Member


“I’ve been really impressed with the people part of Windfall. I had this idea (some weird notion I absorbed somehow, from living in Bloomington) that Windfall was always almost “going under”, like they didn’t have their act together or something.   But Hazel wanted to take a dance class and the I.U. ballet scene wasn’t at all a good experience for her (way to froo froo, competitive, and uppity for us) so I thought I’d try Windfall. It has been perfect. I love the teachers at Windfall and more importantly, Hazel loves them! I find that the teachers are highly skilled and talented *and* (very important “and”) they are great with the kids and they are people I’m happy to have as mentors for my daughter. I’ve also loved working with Matt–he is an excellent leader–passionate, authentic, caring, and professional.

Hazel has improved her dancing skills, gained more poise, grace and confidence as a dancer and a person, and to top it all off, she has a fun time, too!  What could be better?”

 Julie James, Parent of Windfall Student

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